Proteus Controller



This site is designed for MIDI programmers and musicians who own an E-mu Proteus-compatible sound module. The Proteus Controller is a preset editor which is meant to replace the rudimentary editing interface built in to Proteus sound modules. Currently, the Proteus Controller allows real-time editing of the following properties of a patch:
  • Preset name
  • Common layer properties such as volume, pan, transpose and glide
  • Filter algorithm, frequency and resonance
  • LFO parameters
  • Patchcords and preset patchcords
  • Velocity, filter and auxiliary envelopes
  • Effects parameters
Future releases will (hopefully) support a broader set of editing capabilities, including editing of master properties.

The editor is a free, open source application written entirely in C++ on top of wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows). Currently, the program supports the Win32 platform only.
Screen shot

Supported Modules: Proteus, Orbit, Mo'Phat, Vintage Pro, B-3, XLead and others


November 13, 2004
The source and binaries for the Proteus Controller version 1.0 are available for download at the download page. Logo